A Feeling of Contentment

I read an article today that I really could relate to, “I’m About to Be An Empty Nester Here’s Why I’m Not Sad.” When you google empty nest right away you’ll see words like cope, sadness and goodbye. I have to search to find articles that are positive about being an “empty nester” and frankly it makes me second guess my feelings sometimes. I have two daughters, one daughter just graduated college and is starting her career and the other is in college, both who I am extremely proud of, but because I know they will always be my daughters I don’t need to read articles on how to cope being an empty nester. I can relate to Judy Walters (the writer of this article) because she was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom because of her husband, she was able to help with homework and attend the talent shows, plays and fundraisers. My job will never be over as a mom, I’ll never say goodbye it will always be see you later, instead of helping with homework I’ll be just a phone call away to help my daughters get happy after having a rough day at work. So far being in an empty nest for me has allowed me to spend more time with my husband, focus on my career and live a less stressful life. I will always worry about my kid’s but at least now I know they can for the most part take care of themselves. We have started a new chapter, our story as a family is no where near the end.

Here’s the article:




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